Boss Information
Aliases King of Cobras
World The Summerlands
Boss Analysis
HP 5720
Weak Fire/Light
Resist Storm
After Battle Rewards
Experience 1730
Guilders 2450
Drops -
Steal Stout Armor

Aapep is an enemy in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. It is a creature encountered in The Vault of Tears.


Genus: Nobilia
Resistance: Storm
Elemental Weakness: Fire/Light
Tricks: Death Rattle, Black Bolt, Serpent Strike
Items Dropped: None
Location: The Vault of Tears


Aapep has some decent tricks up his sleeve, but if you've come prepared you should have fair defenses. The Death Rattle and Black Bolt attacks both inflict status ailments, curse and confusion respectively. Definitely try to avoid or defend against Black Bolt. If Curse really annoys you, use a few Curse-Be-Gones or otherwise bear with the status.

Since Aapep is weak against fire and light, you could use spells like Arrow of Light to your advantage, although it's not absolutely necessary. When Drippy tells gives you his ever-wise advise, cast the Burden spell with Oliver (several times, until it sticks), and perform an All-Out attack afterwards. If Burden generates golden glims, quickly grab them (with Oliver or familiars with a fire Miracle Move).

Serpent Strike is a powerful attack, so try to avoid it or defend against it; the storm-resisting equipment will also come in handy here. If you're confident enough, try to cancel some of Aapep's attacks by continuously going All-Out on him. Also, he doesn't have a very good range, so use this to your advantage.


Ni No Kuni - Boss Battle Strategy Apep (King of Cobras)

Ni No Kuni - Boss Battle Strategy Apep (King of Cobras)