Character Information
Japanese Name アリシア様
Romaji Alicia-sama
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Great Sage
World of Origin Ni No Kuni
English voice actor Jo Wyatt
Soulmate Allie

According to Mr. Drippy, Alicia (アリシア様 Alicia-sama) is Allie's soulmate. She is contained in the soulgem held by Vileheart. After Allie's death in Motorville, Oliver goes on his quest to free Alicia so his mother could be resurrected.

Powers and Abilities

Allicia had studied as a sage, thus having vast knowledge of familiars, magic and fixing a broken heart. She was powerful enough to cast Breach Time and Gateway at the same time. Apparently, her cooking skills where also worthy of note.

The Truth

Spoiler warning!
This section contains plot details, which may spoil your gameplay.

When the party defeats Vileheart in the Miasma Marshes, the beast drops the soulgem that should hold Alicia. In truth though, the gem only contains the last memory of Alicia that Shadar had.

Alicia could not defeat him, so she wanted to set out to find his soulmate and thus save Shadar whom had saved her as a little girl, unbeknown to him.

Since Shadar had done away with his soulmate she took a major gamble and traveled both through time and to Motorville to await the reincarnation of Shadar's soulmate. She was found and aided by Leila. Some time later she gave birth to Oliver and raised him to be a good person.

After Defeating Shadar

When Oliver is released from his soul bond with Shadar, Alicia's memory approaches Shadar. She reveals that he was her savior, to the shock of Shadar (who believed that the little girl she saved, Alicia, had been captured at the hands of the army). She tells him to wait as she meets Oliver in a dream. In the dream, she tells Oliver she's proud of him, he doesn't need her anymore, and gives him her pendant (which she received from Shadar), which is known in game (in the Important Items section, it's known as Alicia's Pendant).


  • When Surly and Smiley try to expand their weapon shop post game, her favorite frying pan is requested as template for an axe-weapon.
  • As a young girl, she was saved from an invading army by Lucien, who gave her a pendant, which she in turn entrusts to Oliver. The pendant is used to find The Young Woman's Journal in Allie's room.
  • As a young girl, she looked similar to Pea.
  • She gave Drippy to Oliver when she had just taken on a new job.
  • Before she died, she seemed to have some sort of music career, as she commented to Oliver one day that she had a concert the next morning.

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