Ara Memoriae
Location Information
Type Town
World Ni No Kuni

Ara Memoriae is a temple-like structure in Nazcaä , where you place the three flowers from Pea into the pots to reveal the last part of Cassiopeia's past.


Ara Memoriae is located on Nazcaä, also known as "The Lost Continent" . It is reachable through Tengri , the dragon, or the Travel spell. For the majority of the game, it will be covered by a white fog until Pea joins Oliver and co.

It should be noted that while on Tengri, you can only land on the two bird-like symbols.


Ara Memoriae is shaped outdoor temple. It looks as if it's made of stone and has carved patterns on it. The floor, though, is darker, and when the flowers are inside their pots, certain sections of the floor will light up in a bright neon blue and connect at a large circle in the middle. At one edge of the temple, there is a small set of stairs that lead up to a little block of stone. If you look around a bit, you may also notice the moss growing on the stone itself.


Spoiler warning!
This section contains plot details, which may spoil your gameplay.

This is the point where Pea and Marcassin have joined Oliver , Mr. Drippy , Esther , and Swaine, the group has recently discovered part of Pea's story (revealed on the Cassiopeia page), and have defeated the zombies and crazy boss monsters created through the White Witch's manna . Having obtained three flowers (the flower of faith, the flower of hope, and the flower of youth), the group goes to Ara Memoriae.

At Ara Memoriae, they place the flowers into the three pots (located in the east, north, and west) and learn the rest of Pea's story. Staring back at the point where Cassiopeia commented she was always waiting, this part continues at some point in the future. In the story, Pea comes out of nowhere (manifested from Cassiopeia's innocence) and Cassiopeia looks at her, demanding why she's here. When her younger self doesn't answer, Cassiopeia falsely believes that she's here to accuse her and banishes her, which she says is her gift as the White Witch (and as she says it, she becomes the White Witch).

Suddenly, the Ivory Tower (the White Witch's castle) appears and the three major towns (Ding Dong Dell, Al Mamoon, and Hamelin) decide to join together to defeat her.

In a later part of the story (post-game), you can find Horace here. He'll tell Oliver about the Wizard King .


  • Other than the various familiars you can serenade here, the land around Ara Memoriae doesn't contain monsters (unless you count a bounty hunt).
  • Do look at the ground before you go ahead. If you look real closely (or at least look for the "!" above Oliver's head), you can see the second bird symbol on the ground (which can be fixed with Rejuvenate ). 
  • You will actually need the Bridge spell to move on, so check that you'll have enough MP to move on (shouldn't be much of a problem unless you fight too many enemies).

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