Ara Memoriae
Location Information
Type Town
World Ni No Kuni

Ara Memoriae is a temple-like structure in Nazcaä, where you place the three flowers from Pea into the pots to reveal the final part of Cassiopeia's past.


Ara Memoriae is located on Nazcaä, also known as "The Lost Continent" . It is accessible through Tengri or the Travel spell. For the majority of the game, it will be covered by a white fog until Pea joins Oliver and co.

It should be noted that while on Tengri, you can only land on the to bird-like symbols on the island.


Ara Memoriae appears to be the remains outdoor temple. It is constructed of stone with designs carved through. The floor contains similar designs and is dark turquoise in color. When a flower is placed inside any of the three pots at the edges of the area, the corresponding sections of the floor will light up in a bright neon blue and connect at a large circle in the middle. The entrance of the temple leads directly to an altar that will glow the same color once all the flowers have been placed in the pots. If you look around a bit, you may also notice the moss growing on the stone itself.


Spoiler warning!
This section contains plot details, which may spoil your gameplay.

At this point, Pea and Marcassin have joined Oliver, Mr. Drippy, Esther, and Swaine, the group has recently discovered part of Pea's story (revealed on the Cassiopeia page), and victims of the White Witch's manna have been saved. Having obtained three flowers (the flower of faith, the flower of hope, and the flower of youth), the group sets out to Nazcaä.

At Ara Memoriae, they place the flowers into the three pots (located in the east, north, and west) and learn the rest of Pea's story. Continuing after the previous memory, in which Cassiopeia revealed where she would wait, this memory continues at some point in the future. In it, Pea appears as a manifestation of Cassiopeia's innocence and Cassiopeia demands to know why she is there. When her younger self stays silent, Cassiopeia falsely believes that her purpose is to accuse her for her mistakes. Cassiopeia then banishes her from her realm: a gift from the White Witch, which she immediately becomes.

Suddenly, the Ivory Tower (the White Witch's castle) appears and the three major towns (Ding Dong Dell, Al Mamoon, and Hamelin) are gathered together to defeat her.

Upon the defeat of Gallus, Horace can be found here and will grant the Astra spell. During Post-Game, he will call Oliver here to begin a quest in which he tells Oliver about the Wizard King .


  • Aside from the various familiars here, the land around Ara Memoriae lacks monsters outside of bounty hunts.
  • Near the bridge to Ara Memoriae is a faded bird symbol, which Oliver may restore with the Rejuvenate spell so Tengri can land on it. 
  • The Bridge spell is required to access the temple.