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Spell Information
Rune Number 47
Japanese Name バルゼノン
Romaji Baruzenon
Spell Type Battle
Element LightElement
Effect Shape -
MP Cost 60 MP
It is said that only those in possession of a certain all-surpassing wand are capable of casting this ancient spell. Indeed, only one wizard in history is believed to have performed it successfully. Sadly, the name of that lord amongst sages has long since been lost to the mists of time.

Wizard's Companion

Astra (バルゼノン Baruzenon) is a battle spell that deals massive light damage to all targets. It is one of the most powerful spells in the game.

To unlock this spell, you must gain access to the Astra wand, which becomes available towards the end of the game. Once you've received the wand, leave the Ivory Tower and head for Ara Memoriae. You will run into Horace in the back area who will confide to you his story and will question you yet again with another riddle. Once you've answer his riddle, he will unlock the Astra spell, the most powerful light spell in the game.

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