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Boss Information
Aliases Final Test of the Temple of Trials
Japanese Name バラゴス
Romaji Valgos
World The Summerlands
Boss Analysis
HP 870
Weak Water
Resist Fire
Attack 55
Defense 47
Magical Attack 28
Magical Defense 42
Evasion 24
Accuracy 64
After Battle Rewards
Experience 435
Guilders 360
Drops Spirit of the Temple
Steal -

Bashura (バラゴス Valgos) is an enemy in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. It is a creature encountered as the Test of Strength in the Temple of Trials.


Genus: Nobilia
Resistance: Fire
Elemental Weakness: Water
Tricks: Devastation, Soul Seal, Mind Over Matter
Items Dropped: Spirit of the Temple
Location: Temple of Trials


Bashura has 4 attacks:

  • Basic Attack
  • Soul Steal
  • Mind Over Matter
  • Devestation

The strongest attack here is Ice Age from Esther's Familiar. Get those out early. Switch back to Oliver. Bashura's attention will primarily be focused on whoever you are not controlling, so if Oliver is lead, he will be focused on Esther. Just stand back and fire Frostbite/Pulse at him or call out your strongest familiar to fight him. His back is shielded, so you will want to make sure you attack him from his side/front.

A solid tactic is to switch continuously between a melee familiar and Oliver. After sending your melee familiar on Bashura and attacking his side, whenever he starts charging a skill, press L1 and switch back to Oliver. As soon as the attack is over, send your familiar back out into the battle.

Whenever Bashura uses Soul Steal or Devastation, use Defend (probably should stick with the first Familiar since the others aren't capable of this). If you don't, this attack is extremely strong and you will regret it.

Continue using your strongest basic attack and running away whenever Bashura attacks. You might also try to counter his attacks.


Ni No Kuni - Boss Battle Strategy Bashura03:58

Ni No Kuni - Boss Battle Strategy Bashura

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