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This section contains plot details, which may spoil your gameplay.
Location Information
Type Overworld
World Ni No Kuni

Bellicosia was an ancient kingdom in northern Autumnia that was the birthplace of Shadar. It was a prosperous kingdom that excelled in the magic arts, however the kingdom eventually became corrupt and started destroying anyone or anything they deemed to be a potential enemy, even Sages. Any who disobeyed them faced great consequences, including their own people, as when Shadar (when he was still the humble soldier named Lucian) disobeyed his superiors they had his home village burned to the ground. When Lucian became Shadar, he destroyed all of Bellicosia and its inhabitants, leaving only the citadel which he renamed Nevermore and made it his personal fortress.

After the destruction of Nevermore, the region regained the natural beauty it once had. Despite Shadar having supposedly been the only survivor of Bellicosia, three Bellicosian Guards can be seen competing in the The Solesseum, although they seem to question their reason for being there, suggesting that they were misplaced in time somehow, making the three guards the only survivors of Bellicosia after Shadar's demise.

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