A common sight in grasslands the world over, bestiae are some of Mother Nature's toughest warriors.

Bestiae are swift, powerful creatures that generally live on grassy plains and other such flatlands.  They tend not to use weapons, preferring instead to attack with their teeth, claws, and tails.  Though naturally aggressive, they can be rendered amenable with cold treats--ice cream being a particular favorite.

Tamable Familiars in the Bestiae Genus

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 - A Tier 3 - B
Ruff Ruffian Gruffian Scruffian
Rhinosaur Rhinosnore Rhinobore Rhinosaw
Jabber Stabber Stabberwocky Jabberguppy
Baatender Baabarian Baabie Baarndancer
Sore Boar Crashing Boar Hyperboar Full Boar
Inphant Psychophant Triumphant Hierophant
Clubber Cub Lubber Cub Adamantiger Elegantiger
Thumbelemur Dumbelemur Aye-Aye Sir Aye-Aye Catcher
Sasquish Sasquash Papa Sasquash Mama Sasquash