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A hunting implement that allows one's worries to be chewed up and spat away.


Source: Blowpipe can be stolen or dropped by Beam Man and Demoliceros, which are both found in the Ivory Tower.

Used in

Recipe 063 Meteor Mallet: Ninnyhammer x1 Blowpipe x2 Meteorite Fragment x3

Recipe 082 Armor of Justice: Enigma Armor x1 Blowpipe x2 Powerstone x3

Recipe 083 Brilliant Armor: Champion's Armor x1 Medal of Impunity x1 Blowpipe x3

Recipe 129 Highwayman's Handgun: Gyro-Grappler x1 Blowpipe x1 Drill Screw x2

Recipe 131 Pretty Parasol: Blowpipe x2 Black Wings x2 Rings-a-Bell x10

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