Each creature in Ni No Kuni has different strengths and weaknesses, and the boss creatures that you'll face throughout your travels are no different. There are bosses you'll encounter as part of the main storyline as well as a number of optional bosses.

Story Boss Battles

  1. Guardian of the Woods
  2. Hickory Dock
  3. Gladiataur
  4. Rusty's Nightmare
  5. Bashura (Test of Strength)
  6. Moltaan
  7. Al-Khemie (Genie)
  8. Swaine's Nightmare
  9. Shadar (First Encounter)
  10. Royal Jelly
  11. Porco Grosso
  12. Candelabracadabra
  13. Red Dragon
  14. Denny's Nightmare
  15. Aapep (King of Cobras)
  16. Cerboreas
  17. Cap'n Crossbones
  18. Khulan's Nightmare
  19. Philip's Nightmare
  20. Vileheart
  21. Shadar (Final Battle)
  22. King Tom
  23. Queen Lowlah
  24. Porco Loco
  25. Gallus
  26. The White Witch
  27. The Zodiarchy

Postgame Boss Battles

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