A monster has been attacking traveling merchants and stealing their wares. It must be dealt with as soon as possible!


This errand is available after defeating Moltaan on Old Smoky.


This bounty is located to the far south, in the grassy area near Castaway Cove. More specifically, you'll need to create a bridge (with the Bridge spell) to travel to the east part of the area, where it resides on a hill to the south.

The Gobspeed is accompanied by two lesser Hog-Goblins, making this a rather tough fight for this point in the game. You'll want to be around level 20, and you might also want to give your familiar your current best equipment, such as the Burning Blade (among other things).

Your first priority should be to take out one of the Hog-Goblins, but don't lose track of Oliver or Esther's health; as soon as they fall below 50% of their HP, quickly cast a healing spell or give them a proper health boost by way of items. When the first Hob-Goblin is eliminated, heal your party and go for the second one. With just the Gobspeed left, the remainder of the battle should be much easier to handle.

If you're having trouble and taking too much damage with just your familiars, then try fighting as Oliver and continuously cast Pulse to knock them away as they're about to carry out their attacks, and it should minimize the damage.

Defeat it and you'll complete the bounty hunt, return to the Swift Solutions to claim your reward.


Ni No Kuni Merchants' Menace Bounty Hunt 9103:18

Ni No Kuni Merchants' Menace Bounty Hunt 91

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