A gang of thieving creatures have been attacking cargo ships. Their crime spree cannot be allowed to continue!


This errand is available after defeating Al-Khemi in Castaway Cove.


These cat bandits can be found on the small island south of Robinson Island. Be sure to defeat the Purrloiner first, then heal your party and solely focus on the Cutpurrse, only going for the Puss in Bouts after its comrades have fallen. It helps to have water spells/tricks, but they're not really necessary either in order to win the battle.

Defeat them and you'll complete the bounty hunt, return to the Swift Solutions to claim your reward.


Ni No Kuni A Greedy Pirate Gang Bounty Hunt 9302:04

Ni No Kuni A Greedy Pirate Gang Bounty Hunt 93

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