A particularly vicious monster is heading straight for Ding Dong Dell. It must be stopped!


This bounty is available to complete after defeating Khulan's Nightmare in Perdida.


Your target is in the far northwest of the Rolling Hills, in the area west of the Deep Dark Wood, so check your map, then make your way over to the slow-moving beast.

For being a menace to Ding Dong Dell, it's actually pretty lackluster. Just focus on using normal attacks while doing All-Out Attacks for the rest of your party, and if too much damage is being done to you, toss up a Pixie Dew or two.

Defeat it and you'll complete the bounty hunt, return to the Swift Solutions to claim your reward.


Ni No Kuni A Kingdom on the Brink Bounty Hunt 10802:12

Ni No Kuni A Kingdom on the Brink Bounty Hunt 108

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