An exceptionally dangerous beast has taken up residence on Scrooge Island. Is anyone brave enough to take it on!?


This bounty is available to complete after visiting the Ivory Tower for the first time.


Your target is on Scrooge Island to the southwest of Yule (the bottom island of the two), so fly from Yule and have Tengri drop you off at the center. The big beastie will be walking nearby.

Equip your Blazing Blades for this one, as he's weak to Fire. This guy is a bit stronger than the last two, and has some pretty strong Water spells, so have Oliver keep Ward on your party when it needs to be cast, and have him attack with his strongest familiar when it's not needed. Knock a gold glim out of him during the melee and have Oliver grab it, and Burning Heart will bring it to an end much quicker.

Defeat it and you'll complete the bounty hunt, return to the Swift Solutions to claim your reward.


Ni No Kuni Terror on the Tundra Bounty Hunt 11202:06

Ni No Kuni Terror on the Tundra Bounty Hunt 112

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