Breach Time
Asqd0Guh - Copy
Spell Information
Rune Number 23
Spell Type Everyday
Element -
Effect Shape -
MP Cost 0 MP
Though fraught with danger, this is the only method by which a wizard may take a leap through time to a moment of their choice. The spell is overwhelmingly powerful, and can only be used once in wizard's lifetime - once time has been breached, one cannot go back. Of all the spells available to a wizard, the casting of this one in particular requires careful consideration.

Wizard's Companion

Breach Time is an everyday spell that can be casted to go to any specific periods of time. Transports the caster to a desired point in time. However, there is a catch: it can only be used once in a lifetime.
Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday! Send us safely on our way!

—-Oliver, Esther, Swaine


  • Ironically, although Breach Time can only be used once in a lifetime, the games classifies it as an Everyday Spell.

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