After using Take Heart, virtues will be held in your locket until you use Give Heart on the brokenhearted person in need.

"Brokenhearted" refers to people who have been affected by the dark magic of Shadar. In this state, a person will be missing one of their emotions or virtues, displaying a general opposite of what was lost. A person lacking Kindness may become cold and distant, while a person lacking Confidence will become passive and spineless. People who have had their heart broken may get possessed by Nightmares, beings of darkness centered around the missing virtue. As a wizard, it is Oliver's duty to restore the broken hearts of the people.

Curing Heartbreak

In order to fix a broken heart, the missing virtue must be returned to the heart. To do so, one must first find a person with an abundance of such virtue and cast the Take Heart spell on them. The laws of Ni no Kuni, metaphysical or otherwise, state that you must only take virtues from those who have plenty to spare, lest they become heartbroken as well. Also, you must ask for permission before doing so, it's only polite, given how you're essentially ripping out a portion of their soul. The accumulated virtue will sit inside whatever repository one has for it, such as a Locket, until the Give Heart spell is cast to place the virtue in another's heart.

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