Boss Information
Aliases Ghoulish Guardian of the Great Wand's Grave
World Autumnia
Boss Analysis
HP 3130
Weak Light
Resist Dark/Fire
Attack 111
Defense 104
Magical Attack 72
Magical Defense 103
Evasion 93
Accuracy 134
After Battle Rewards
Experience 1290
Guilders 1750
Drops -
Steal Noble Attire

Candelabracadabra is an enemy in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. It is a creature encountered at the end of The Tombstone Trail.


Genus: Nobilia
Resistance: Dark/Fire
Elemental Weakness: Light
Tricks: Snuff Out, Wacko Lantern, Boo
Items Dropped: None
Location: The Tombstone Trail


The Candelabracadabra is a nasty undead boss. Lead in with your strongest familiars and watch for his curse and impairment attacks. Snuff Out (area - random status affliction), Wacko Lantern (area - ghost damage), Boo (area - damage and curse). The Ray of Light attack, available to some familiars, along with Oliver's Arrow of Light spell will help you down this boss.


Ni No Kuni - Boss Battle Strategy Candelabracadabra02:32

Ni No Kuni - Boss Battle Strategy Candelabracadabra

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