Castaway Cove
Haven of Half-Dressed Harmony
Location Information
Type Town
Japanese Name 港町ビッキーニ
Romaji Port City Bikini
World Ni No Kuni

Castaway Cove (港町ビッキーニ Port City Bikini) is also known as "The Seaside Paradise of the South", but it has the most unusual regulation rule and law: Everyone who comes there, even if it's only a short visit, must be required to become a "citizen" of Castaway Cove by wearing the proper outfit... a bathing suit. The Governor of Castaway Cove had some ridicule when he first had this idea. Everyone else used to rely on constant supervision to keep "bad tempered visitors" from the dark days (pirates, most likely) under control. The Governor reveals the genius of his peace-keeping vision: In a bathing suit, it's difficult to hide weapons! Because of that, the bathing suit at Castaway Cove is a sign of respect that should be worn at all times, and visitors who come there without one need not worry, as the the locals (most especially, the Governor himself) always has plenty to spare as generous give-aways.

Cat's Cradle costs 50g to spend the night.

Ni No Kuni- Wrath Of The White Witch - Esther bathing suit00:59

Ni No Kuni- Wrath Of The White Witch - Esther bathing suit

Esther in her Bathing suit

Cooking Pot

As soon as you walk in, a peddler will offer you a cauldron/cooking pot. He asks you to find something on page 61 of Magic Master and input a "password". The password is "いでよなべまじん< come, cooking-pot devil/genie!". Then a mini-boss battle against the cooking pot genie (なべまじん) begins. He is disorganized and takes a while to find his sword and shield. He's giant, with red skin, a turban, and the lower half of his body is stuck inside the cauldron. After beating him, Oliver receives the (ごうせいなべ hardy cooking pot), and both the ingredients and recipe for (げんきシロップのレシピ healthy syrup recipe).


  • (ゼルガス Zelgas) - A man with an eyepatch and tuft of white hair on his otherwise black-haired head. He's the captain of the ship Oliver gets to use.
  • Horace appears just above the inn.



Name Price
White Bread 20g (18g with Cheapjack)
Sandwich 100g (90g with Cheapjack)
Iced Coffee 200g (180g with Cheapjack)
Strong Coffee 800g (720g with Cheapjack)
Phoenix Feather 500g (450g with Cheapjack)
Poison-Be-Gone 20g (18g with Cheapjack)
Blindness-Be-Gone 40g (36g with Cheapjack)
Sleep-Be-Gone 40g (36g with Cheapjack)
Curse-Be-Gone 40g (36g with Cheapjack)
Confusion-Be-Gone 40g (36g with Cheapjack)


Name Price
Chocolate 20g (18g with Cheapjack)
Flan 20g (18g with Cheapjack)
Cake 20g (18g with Cheapjack)
Sundae 20g (18g with Cheapjack)
Pie 20g (18g with Cheapjack)
Ice Cream 20g (18g with Cheapjack)


Name Price
Dumpty Egg 50g (45g with Cheapjack)
Crispy Lettuce 50g (45g with Cheapjack)
Crunchy Carrot 50g (45g with Cheapjack)
Tender Beef 50g (45g with Cheapjack)
Yogurt 50g (45g with Cheapjack)
Dumbflounder 150g (135g with Cheapjack)
Dumbflounder 150g (135g with Cheapjack)
Glowshrimp 200g (180g with Cheapjack)



Name Price
Sickle 420g (378g with Cheapjack)
Roc Feather 780g (702g with Cheapjack)
Pig-Iron Pike 750g (675g with Cheapjack)
Iron Ax 1000g (900g with Cheapjack)
Bullhorn Claws 440g (396g with Cheapjack)


Name Price
Iron Breastplate 600g (540g with Cheapjack)
Rubber Robe 480g (432g with Cheapjack)
Sea Breeze Cloak 420g (378g with Cheapjack)
Iron Shield 700g (630g with Cheapjack)


Name Price
Fire Seal 600g (540g with Cheapjack)
Medal of Strength 1200g (1080g with Cheapjack)

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