Crusoe Islands
Location Information
Type Overworld
World Ni No Kuni

The Crusoe Islands are actually two sets of islands, the Robinson Islands and the Friday Islands. They are some of several small islands that dot the world of Ni no Kuni.


Located east of Castaway Cove and southeast of Shipwreck Shore and The Vault of Tears, the archipelagos are very small, with one being able to see from one end of the island to the other very easily. They have a very tropical look, with sandy shores and few standing palm trees. The greenery is quite sparse.

The two islands also seem to be surrounded by a coral reef making it impossible for the Sea Cow to dock except on certain sides. Robinson Island lays to the north, while Friday Island is just below that.


The Crusoe Islands are sunny and dry, but cool due to the sea breeze.


The Crusoe Islands are a habitat to certain creatures you can battle and tame as familiars.

Number Name EXP Guilders Drops/Steals
034 Baabarian 43 48g Cake
Plainswort Flower
Soretooth Ring
090 Hippeafowl 37 32g Iced Coffee
102 Tu-Whoo 41 37g Ice Cream
Milk Chocolate
193 Lagoon Naiad 39 45g Poison-Be-Gone
Ruby Ripple Ice Cream


Robinson Island

Friday Island


Robinson Island

Friday Island


  • The Crusoe Islands and both individuals islands take their name from Robinson Crusoe and Friday, the main characters of Daniel Defoe's novel The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe.

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