Deep Dark Wood
NNK Screenshot 15
Location Information
Type Dungeon
World Ni No Kuni

The Deep Dark Wood is a location within the world of Ni no Kuni. It's the first dungeon Oliver explores in game.


When a guard in Ding Dong Dell has brokenheartedness (by losing enthusiasm), Mr. Drippy advises Oliver to visit Old Father Oak in the Deep Dark Wood. After the duo meets the old tree, they receive a locket and new spells (and a familiar after casting Form Familiar). While Old Father Oak searches around for the Take Heart and Give Heart spells, he asks Oliver and Mr. Drippy to find the Guardian of the Woods and calm him down.

The duo arrives at the desired location and are forced to fight the giant enemy. Afterwards, they return to Old Father Oak, who gives them the necessary spells. The duo then returns back to Ding Dong Dell.

Later, the duo (and the two allies who eventually join them) can come back to complete a bounty hunt for the Conductor and earn a Tale of Wonder for the Wizard's Companion.


  • Red chests: 4
  • Blue chests: 1
  • Green chests: 0
  • Purple chests: 0


  • The Guardian of the Woods is weak to fire.
  • Considering that the low-level Oliver (assuming that you haven't attempted major grinding) doesn't have much MP, you may want to use Fireball (4 MP) in comparison to Mite's Slash Dance (10 MP).
  • Grab the Golden Glim (while attacking with Oliver) whenever you have the chance as Oliver's miracle move is Burning Heart.

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