Ding Dong Dell
Location Information
Type Town
Japanese Name ゴロネール王国
Romaji Goroneeru Kingdom
World Ni No Kuni

Ding Dong Dell (ゴロネール王国 Goroneeru Kingdom)  is one of the first places in the Other World that Oliver visits with Drippy. It's at the town's item shop where Oliver changes into his traveler's clothes, as his normal ones were deemed "goofy".

Outside its gates introduces Oliver to brokenheartedness in the form of a guard who couldn't be bothered to let people through the entrance gate.

Also located here is Ding Dong Well, which has recently gained a mice problem by the time Oliver arrives.


  • King Tom, a large and stout cat, is the Dell's ruler, is often referred to as "His Meowjesty" in the English game and is the second case of brokenheartedness.
  • Tommy Stout, the boy with a pot on his head and a broom in his hand at the entrance to Ding Dong Well.
  • Horace. Appears as a little floating ghost/spirit next to a grave, after you use Spirit Medium on him he appears as a green-haired boy wearing a pink cape.


Ding Dong Dell is located in the center of the northern The Summerlands, situated near the Rolling Hills.


Name Price
White Bread / ふんわりパン (Fluffy Bread) 20g (18g with Cheapjack)
Iced Coffee / すっきりコーヒー (Refreshing Coffee) 200g (180g with Cheapjack)
Poison-Be-Gone / どくけしそう (antidote-seeming) 20g (18g with Cheapjack)
Blindness-Be-Gone 40g (36g with Cheapjack)
Chocolate 20g (18g with Cheapjack)
Flan 20g (18g with Cheapjack)
Cake 20g (18g with Cheapjack)
Sundae 20g (18g with Cheapjack)
Pie 20g (18g with Cheapjack)
Ice Cream 20g (18g with Cheapjack)
Bumbler Honey / ハナハチのミツ (flower-bee honey/nectar) 50g (45g with Cheapjack)
Dumpty Egg 50g (45g with Cheapjack)
Crispy Lettuce 50g (45g with Cheapjack)
Crunchy Carrot 50g (45g with Cheapjack)
Tender Beef 50g (45g with Cheapjack)


Name Price
Wooden Sword 50g (45g with Cheapjack)
Well-Worn Sword 160g (144g with Cheapjack)
Kitchen Knife 70g (63g with Cheapjack)
Sharpened Stick 50g (45g with Cheapjack)
Spiral Horn 150g (135g with Cheapjack)
Wooden Helmet 70g (63g with Cheapjack)
Leather Armor 100g (90g with Cheapjack)
Rustic Garb 50g (45g with Cheapjack)
Leafy Mantle 30g (27g with Cheapjack)
Wooden Shield 80g (72g with Cheapjack)
Giant's Tooth 200g (180g with Cheapjack)

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