Ding Dong Well
Ding Dong Well
Location Information
Type Dungeon
Japanese Name ゴロネール地下水道
Romaji Goroneeru underground waterway
World Ni No Kuni

Ding Dong Well (ゴロネール地下水道 Goroneeru underground waterway) is an area located in Ding Dong Dell. It's actually a series of sewers or a water supply, as hinted by the Japanese name, and not a well.


Spoiler warning!
This section contains plot details, which may spoil your gameplay.

Oliver and Drippy head off to Ding Dong Well to find King Tom, who's apparently went down there to find a wand. On the way, they meet Tommy Stout, who lets them through and gives them the Thumbelemur . After using Spring Lock on the Well's lock, they explore the area. At the end, they find King Tom with King Hickory (better known as Hickory Dock). After the king is knocked out, Oliver is forced to fight Hickory Dock. At the end, the mouse flees and Oliver has King Tom's thanks.

In post-game, Oliver will have to fight Dickory Dock in Ding Dong Well for the Conductor .

Chest Count

  • Red: 4
  • Blue: 1
  • Green: 1
  • Purple: 1


(First Time Through):

  • Make sure you have enough MP for the following: Spring Lock , Fireball
  • You'll encounter two puzzles involving some pedestal-like statues within an area. Use fireball to light them. Once you've lit all of the little statues, a door nearby will open.
  • Hickory Dock uses Tailspin (causes Confusion) and Mousefire (casts a fireball at the enemy or gives a Chance moment when he fails).
  • The Thumbelemur is useful defensive-wise because it will resist Tailspin (and confusion in general). Yet, for the offensive advantage in battle, keep using Oliver's Fireball (Hickory Dock's weakness).
  • (SPOILER INCLUDED) Level up the Thumbelemur while you're here because eventually, you can give it to Swaine (since it's part of the Bestiae genus).

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