A Mamooni boy is unkindly refusing to return a book he borrowed from his friend.


This errand is available to complete after recruiting Esther in Al Mamoon.


To begin this errand, talk to the boy beside the western milk fountain. This cruel kid needs some kindness, so we better find some.

Just a few steps east of Rashaad's babana stand is a man that has a piece of heart. Talk to him, and sure enough, he's got plenty of kindness to spare, so choose 'Take Heart' when it comes up to receive that extra bit of heart.

Return to the boy near the milk fountain and talk to him again, giving him the extra bit of kindness using 'Give Heart' to have him return to normal. He'll now gladly return the book, and you'll complete the errand.


Ni No Kuni An Overdue Loan Errand 402:02

Ni No Kuni An Overdue Loan Errand 4

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