A Mamooni ice cream merchant is suddenly too scared to leave the city on his long-planned journey of discovery.


This errand is available to complete after gaining entrance toAl Mamoon.


To begin this errand, you need to talk to the man just above the entrance of the Cat's Cradle. He's lacking in courage, so let's go find some.

Make your way over to the western side of town near Swift Solutions, then go up and talk to the woman on the right. Her glowing greed dot on the map signifies that she has something, and sure enough, it's the courage we're looking for. Talk to her, then choose Take Heart to receive some courage.

Return to the man and talk to him again. When your Spell Menu comes up, choose Give Heart, then courage to restore it for him.


Ni No Kuni Ice Cream Dreams Errand 502:48

Ni No Kuni Ice Cream Dreams Errand 5

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