A senior Ding Dong Dell soldier finds himself wholly unable to summon the courage to fight monsters.


This errand is available to complete after defeating Candelabracadabra on The Tombstone Trail.


One of the palace guards in Ding Dong Dell is missing courage. You can get this from one of the palace guards in Al Mamoon; simply teleport there and back again with the Travel spell to perform the exchange.

  • If you chose to complete Errand 011 first, you will not be able to complete this errand until later, when you have access to more courage. The pieces of courage can be found in Al Mamoon after defeating Candelabracadabra, or in Yule.


Ni No Kuni Strength to Soldier On Errand 1601:14

Ni No Kuni Strength to Soldier On Errand 16

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