A young grimalkin from Ding Dong Dell remembers putting her red earring in a pot... but has forgotten which one.


This errand is available to complete after gaining entrance to Ding Dong Dell.



To begin this errand, talk to the grimalkin at the far north end of the first area of Ding Dong Dell, and she'll tell you she lost one of her earrings, and that it's in one of the pots in town.

All you have to do is go north to the second area of Ding Dong Dell, then go up the stairs past the fountain and turn west. The urn in the far western corner will have her red earring, so grab it, then return it to her.


Ni No Kuni A Safe Hiding Place Errand 4102:58

Ni No Kuni A Safe Hiding Place Errand 41

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