A female grimalkin in Ding Dong Dell would like to brighten up her porch with some flowers.


This errand is available to complete after gaining entrance to Ding Dong Dell.


To begin this errand, talk to the grimalkin in the center of the first area of Ding Dong Dell, on the northern bridge connecting the eastern and western sides. She'll ask you to retrieve two Springwaters and two Plainswort Flowers.

If you already pillaged all of the treasures from the World Map in the Ding Dong Dell area once, you should have both sets of items, but if not, you'll need to visit the areas with twinkling stars on the World Map to obtain these.

  • Directly southeast of Ding Dong Dell, along the eastern mountains, is another set of twinkling stars; examine these to get a plainswort flower.
  • Just to the northeast of Ding Dong Dell is a very small pond with a waterfall letting out to the south. On the eastern side of it are some twinkling stars; examine them to receive some springwater.
  • North of Ding Dong Dell, alongside the eastern mountains, but south of the northernmost lake, you'll see some more twinkling stars; examine these, and you'll receive another plainswort flower.
  • From that last flower, head west along the nearby river that starts at the northernmost lake, but ends in a pond to the west. Before it ends into another pond/lake, check on the northern side of the river to see some more twinkling stars. These ones will give you another springwater.


Ni No Kuni A Splash of Color Errand 4202:52

Ni No Kuni A Splash of Color Errand 42

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