A Ding Dong Dell mother is worried about her sons, who haven't come home yet.


This errand is available to complete after gaining entrance to Ding Dong Dell.


To begin this errand, talk to the worried mother in the first area of Ding Dong Dell, standing near a house on the other side of the arch connecting the western and southern areas. She'll ask you to go find her sons for her, so gladly oblige.

  • The first son is not far from the mother. Across from her is a spiral staircase with a giant fish on the side, to her north; climb up this spiral staircase to find the boy up here crying. He's hurt (just like his brothers will be), so talk to him and cast Healing Touch on him to make him better.
  • The second son is inside the Cawtermaster's Store on the east side of town, just to the right of the Cawtermaster. Use your Healing Touch spell on him to cure him.
  • The third son is in the second (northern) area of Ding Dong Dell, just past the archway leading to the Grave of the Sage. Use your Healing Touch spell on him as well.


Ni No Kuni Hide and Seek Errand 4303:59

Ni No Kuni Hide and Seek Errand 43

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