A Mamooni woman's husband left his lunch behind when he went out to forage for mushrooms.


This errand is available to complete immediately after arriving in Al Mamoon.



To begin this errand, you need to talk to the woman who is just a bit south of the left milk fountain at the north end of town. Accept her task, and she'll give you the Lovers' Lunch Basket to take to her husband, who happens to be in the Golden Grove. Go ahead and head back out to the World Map and make the trek to the far northwest to Golden Grove.

Of course, as chance would have it, the husband is quite a ways in the forest; look at your map and locate the blue dot to the northwest of your current position to see him. Drippy will warn you along the way that the monsters have taken a special liking to you since you have that yummy basket of food, so keep your eyes peeled. Once you finally make it to the avid forager, he'll take the basket and leave you with a message to give to his wife.

Make your way back out of the Grove and to Al Mamoon to his wife. Talk to him again and you'll complete the errand.


Ni No Kuni A Lover's Lunch Basket Errand 4502:37

Ni No Kuni A Lover's Lunch Basket Errand 45

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