A young Mamooni boy is worried because his pigeons are late returning to him.


This errand is available to complete after receiving the Letter of Passage from the Cowlipha.


Talk to the boy near the entrance of Al Mamoon to start this errand. You'll need to find three tame pigeons in Al Mamoon; the first is around the corner, next to the milk fountain outside the Cat's Cradle. Cast Nature's Tongue to speak with it, sending him back to the boy.

The second pigeon can be found next to the milk fountain on the right side of the town square. The last pigeon can be tricky to find since he's hidden indoors; visit the Hootique to find it sitting in a windowsill to the left. Return to the boy to complete the errand.


Ni No Kuni A Boy and His Birds Errand 4702:03

Ni No Kuni A Boy and His Birds Errand 47

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