A fairy in Teeheeti is panicking after misplacing some slapsticks he "borrowed" from a friend.


This errand is available after defeating the Royal Jelly in the Fairyground.


The fairy in the southeast corner of the Fairyground has had his slapsticks stolen by Wishing Whambats. In order to get them back you must blind these critters before defeating them; this can be done, for example, with Mite's Sand Blast trick, or by Sprout Sprite's or Sunshine's Razzle Dazzle trick.

Head to the World Map and look for the bats near the beach area, and defeat them in the aforementioned fashion. They won't always drop the slapsticks even then, but a few battles ought to be enough to collect all three of 'em. Hand them over to the fairy to complete the errand.


  • When you give the slapsticks back to the fairy, he will proceeds to talk to himself. At one point he references Steffan Rhodri, the English voice actor for Drippy.


Ni No Kuni A Comedy of Errors Errand 5102:04

Ni No Kuni A Comedy of Errors Errand 51

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