Some hyperboars have moved in to Golden Grove, making life very difficult for the fairies who live there.


This errand is available after defeating the Royal Jelly in the Fairyground.



The fairy at the far south area of Golden Grove asks you to deal with the horrible hyperboars who have been troubling the forest, eating its mushrooms. All Hyperboars are marked on your map, making them easy to find. The first two Hyperboars are accompanied by two Crashing Boars - lesser versions which you should eliminate first - while the third Hyperboar is accompanied by three of those, so you might want to touch the nearby Waystone first.

The battles themselves aren't too tough if you bring familiars who can dish out fire-elemental attacks - equip your [[[Burning Blade]]s for sure - and group hitting attacks such as Mite's Cut Loose work rather well. It's certainly good to know that all the boars can be blinded (by skills such as Mite's Sand Blast), so it's generally a good idea to blind the strongest boar at the start of the battle and then to follow up with an all-out attack while using group hitting skills manually. Do stay healthy and use healing spells or items should anyone fall below 40% of their max HP. Once they've fallen, return to the Waystone to heal and save.

Return to the fairy, only to find that it's being attacked by an even stronger Full Bore (along with three Crashing Boars). Your strategy from before works equally well in this battle, except it's going to be a little longer and tougher, and you'll want to watch your health a little more closely. After defeating the boars, you're finally given a reward for all your hard labor.


Ni No Kuni Boars in the Bushes Errand 5303:21

Ni No Kuni Boars in the Bushes Errand 53

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