A troublesome broken booster has a mechanic in Skull Mountain at his wits' end.


This errand is available to complete after defeating the Red Dragon in Skull Mountain.



At the pirate den in Skull Mountain, talk to the pirate mechanic in the northeast of the area who was watching over Tengri. He has some trouble fixing a broken booster, but Oliver knows just the man for the job: Rusty back in Motorville. Cast Gateway and you'll of course remember that Mr. Cartwright's garage is located on the southwest part of town. Rusty'll fix the booster into a brand-new booster which you can then deliver back to the pirate to complete this errand.


Ni No Kuni The Mechanic's Lament Errand 5701:34

Ni No Kuni The Mechanic's Lament Errand 57

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