A Tomte mother in Yule is worried about her son, whose whereabouts are unknown.


This errand is available to complete after defeating Cerboreas in The Glittering Grotto



Talk to the purple Tomte standing in the center of the northern part of town to learn that she's unsure of where her son is.

Talk to the little kid near the northern exit of town, and he'll tell you that the poor kid is in the Glittering Grotto, so travel there at once. Make sure you're healed at the Waystone, then proceed far northwest to find the kid being ambushed by a Water Ogrrr and three Turban Legends.

Quickly dispose of the Turban Legends first, using any fire-based tricks up your sleeve. Once they're down, then focus on the Water Ogrrr. They're not may have to spend extra time healing just to keep up. Once the battle is over and you've talked to the kid, you'll automatically return to Yule and complete the errand.


Ni No Kuni Yule Have to Search Errand 6102:16

Ni No Kuni Yule Have to Search Errand 61

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