An old man in Perdida is suffering from a terrible backache.


This errand is available to complete after defeating Khulan's Nightmare in Perdida.


In Perdida, talk to the man in the center of town who is leaning on a cane near the walkway to Swift Solutions. His back is killing him, and he needs some more cold compresses to help him. They're made in Yule, so travel over there.


In Yule, the Tomte you're looking for is standing to the left of the Peddler to the northeast. He'll give you what you need, but in the meantime, you to take out five Manglerfishes with a Blazing Blade. The Peddler in Yule sells them. One you have fought five Manglerfishes, return to the Tomte receive the cold compress. Return it to the old man in Perdida to finish the errand.


Ni No Kuni Beating a Bad Back Errand 6302:05

Ni No Kuni Beating a Bad Back Errand 63

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