A Mamooni artist is looking for a model who can inspire him to complete his latest work.


This errand is available to complete after defeating Porco Rosso in Hamelin, after defeating Shadar.



In Al Mamoon, make your way to the Cat's Cradle and talk to Con the Artist on the left. He wants you to find a wild girl with short hair and a necklace.

The one he wants is in the forest glade on Turtle Crag isle. Travel to Yule, then fly directly south to Turtle Crag isle, and remember that the forest glade is the northernmost forest on the island, on the eastern side. Talk to the girl in here and you'll both automatically head back to Al Mamoon. Talk to Con once again to wrap it up.


Ni No Kuni The Artist's Muse Errand 6601:06

Ni No Kuni The Artist's Muse Errand 66

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