The owner of the Raj Mahal curry stall is too busy to deliver all the orders he's receiving.


This errand is available to complete after defeating Porco Loco in Hamelin, after defeating Shadar.


In Al Mamoon, talk to Raj at the curry stand by the milk fountain on the right. He needs help delivering his curry, so agree to help. You need to visit the following people, in this order, one at a time, then return to Raj to obtain more food for delivery:

  • Sheikh of Spice (Al Mamoon, outside of Swift Solutions)
  • Governor (Castaway Cove, on the eastern docks)
  • William Abel (Hamelin, the owner of the Black Market)
  • Bartender (Tombstone Trail's Crypt Casino, in the back right)
  • Wild Man (Forest Glade, far west of The Deep Dark Wood, then south to a dead-end at the base of the mountains)

Return to Raj after you've made all five deliveries to complete the errand.


Ni No Kuni Curry in a Hurry Errand 6702:18

Ni No Kuni Curry in a Hurry Errand 67

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