A Hamelin man is having great difficulty staying awake, and has requested your help.


This errand is available to complete after defeating Porco Loco in Hamelin, after defeating Shadar.


In Hamelin, talk to the man walking between Swift Solutions and the Cawtermaster's Store to find out that he's been oversleeping. To help him out, you need to get several items for him:

  • Sleep-Be-Gone (Hamelin's Hootique)
  • Cappuccino (Perdida's Peddler)
  • Rise and Shine Gem (You should have one from Errand 018 or on the beach of the Hermit's Shell, to the southeast. If not, or if you already used one or both of them, then catch a Turbandit and get him to Level 7 to learn the spell.)

Once you have all of these, talk to the man again several times. As long as you have the first two items, and a familiar in your active party has the Rise and Shine spell, you'll be able to cure the man.


Ni No Kuni Wakey Wakey Errand 6801:42

Ni No Kuni Wakey Wakey Errand 68

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