A fairy in Golden Grove is anxiously waiting for his friends to return after they fled the forest.


This errand is available to complete after completing the main story, as well as completing Errand 053.



Make your way to the southern exit of the Golden Grove, where you'll find the fairy from before, except this time, he wants your help in finding his friends and telling them the forest is safe again. He has five friends to find, and you have to find them one at a time, then come back and talk to him again to find out where the next one is.

  • Skull Mountain. Travel there, then head south down the mountain. The fairy is hiding behind the wooden fence behind the second red flag to the south.
  • The Vault of Tears. Travel there, then go inside. Travel north to the first fork, then go west. As the path curves from west to north, check the cell against the left wall to find another fairy. If you look at your map, it's just west of the magic seal to the north.
  • Motorville. Cast Gateway, then go directly south, turning right to Phil's workshop as you get to it to find the next one.
  • Abandoned Mine. Travel to Hamelin, then fly east over the Mountains with Tengri, landing on the open area near the ocean that leads up to the Abandoned Mine. The fairy is inside near the skeleton to the far north.
  • Forest Glade on Jack Frost's Playground. Travel to Yule, then fly southeast, having Tengri drop you off near the center of the island. Enter the Forest Glade in the dead center of it, then talk to the last fairy in here to return with your task completed. You'll get your reward, as well as two new formula.


Ni No Kuni The Runaway Fairies Errand 6903:45

Ni No Kuni The Runaway Fairies Errand 69

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