Derwin has moved on to Ding Dong Dell in search of more creature data.


This errand is available to complete after completing the main story and Errand 074.


In Ding Dong Dell, you'll find Derwin once again, this time on the north side of town by the fountain. However, instead of catching some familiars for him, he would like you to get rid of some dangerous ones. Fair enough! There are three to dispose of:

  1. Grubby Fug on Jack Frost's playground. Equip your Blazing Blades and fire-dealing equipment, then fly southeast of Yule, landing on the center of the island to deal with the brute. After defeating him, Derwin will appear and give you your next target.
  2. Auric Collum on the Genie's Steps (southeast of the Shimmering Sands). Equip your Bluster Blades and storm-dealing equipment, then fly directly west of The Vault of Tears, on the highest point of the plateaus here. He has quite a high defense, so be sure to heal throughout the battle, as it will probably take longer than the last. Afterward, Derwin appears again and give you your next target.
  3. Shellmet on No Longer Mine isle, the first island south of Autumnia. Fly south-southeast of Hamelin and land in the center of the island for take on the last of the beasties. He's just about as difficult as the last; while he doesn't have any weaknesses, he defenses aren't nearly as high, so buff up your party and just let out a barrage of physical attacks. As long as you keep your party healed, you'll be fine. After this one, Derwin will be finished with you and give you your reward.


Ni No Kuni Fierce Creatures Errand 7503:30

Ni No Kuni Fierce Creatures Errand 75

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