A young girl in Castaway Cove asked you to create a candle cutter in your cauldron and show it to her.


This errand is available after defeating Al-Khemi in Castaway Cove.



Talk to the small girl with pink bikini nearby the first bridge of the village. She wants you to make a candle cutter, but you'll need several ingredients first.

The first ingredient is easy to get: a Flint Dagger, which can be bought from the Cawtermaster in Al Mamoon. The second ingredient, an Emberstone, can be gotten from Mohawk enemies on Teeheeti, although it can also be gotten from Sunshine enemies as a rare drop (or by stealing). Craft the candle cutter and bring it to the girl to complete the errand.


Ni No Kuni The Young Alchemist Errand 7602:25

Ni No Kuni The Young Alchemist Errand 76

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