The forest dwellers who live on the Shipwreck Shore say they can teach you how to make a royal spear.


This errand is available after defeating the Candelabracadabra on The Tombstone Trail.



Head to Shipwreck Shore (to the east of Castaway Cove) and go underneath the arch, walking around the west of the hills to go back over the arch; there's a hidden Forest Glade here. The man will tell you to fetch certain items in order to make a Royal Spear with alchemy. The items required are as follows:

  • Raw Steel x2
  • Shadowglass x2
  • Jade Marble x2

Only the jade marbles are hard to get, as the first two are easily found at forage points on Autumnia, nearby Hamelin. Jade Marbles can be found on The Spindle island directly east of Autumnia. You'll have to steal them from Pike Tyke creatures (they also drop them, but stealing is faster). Create the Royal Spear and return to the man to get an additional reward, plus some new, quite powerful formulae.


Ni No Kuni The Forest Alchemists Errand 7703:31

Ni No Kuni The Forest Alchemists Errand 77

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