A man visiting Castaway Cove is rather flustered. Against all expectation, it would see he's misplaced his diary.


This errand is available to complete after visiting the Ivory Tower for the first time, as well as completing Errand 083.



In Castaway Cove, you'll find our good buddy, the writer, standing on the bridge to the east. He's lost his diary - AGAIN - so let's find it.

Travel to Ara Memoriae, then make your way northwest. As the path turns north, you should see three large skulls, as well as a drawing of an even larger skull on the ground. Search the skull just to the east of the drawing to find the traveler's diary. Return to Castaway Cove for the return.


Ni No Kuni Notes from the Fog Errand 8401:35

Ni No Kuni Notes from the Fog Errand 84

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