Smiley and Surly need some ideas for new weapons to attract customers to their shop.


This errand is available to complete after completing the main story.


On the Iron Wyvern, talk to Surly, and he'll want you to go look for new weapon ideas for him. Agree, then Travel to The Fairyground to get started. Your first idea will come from the large fairy watching the comedy show to the northeast: the soppy slapstick. Next, head far north and talk to the Fairy Godmother for the second idea: the lullaby lance.

Finally, you need to go back... inside the Fairy Godmother, so... once you climb down the ladder, head east to magically be back in. Go out into the hallway and enter the far left room with the sunflower on it. Check the slide at the top of the room to find the last idea: the flawed claws.

Leave the Fairy Godmother's insides the way you came (luckily you don't have to be "born again") and return to the Iron Wyvern. Give the ideas to Surly, but Smiley needs one more idea, so for it, use Gateway and go to Oliver's House in Motorville. Go into the kitchen beside the stairs and check beside the sink to get the last idea: Mom's favorite pan.

Return to the Iron Wyvern one last time and talk to Surly to end this task. In addition to normal rewards and even an extra formula, you can now buy those goofy weapons from the boys themselves!


Ni No Kuni Totally Tidy Tools Errand 13201:52

Ni No Kuni Totally Tidy Tools Errand 132

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