The knights who appeared in the Ivory Tower are ghosts who were once charged with protecting Queen Cassiopeia.


This errand is available to complete after completing the main story.


From the Iron Wyvern, fly east into the Ivory Tower. Make your way north to the Waystone, and you'll find some Nazcaän soldiers. Talk to the captain, Caph, and he'll request your assistance. Remember the robots we've seen in pieces throughout the game? Well, apparently they've now come back to life, so we need to find them once again and dismantle them for good. Here's where they all are:

  • Golden Grove - From the northern entrance, make your way south, then east, north, and west to the dead-end with the first soldier.
  • Old Smoky - From the entrance, just follow the path north, then north at the fork to find the next soldier.
  • Tombstone Trail - At the second Waystone halfway up the map is a shack; the third soldier is hanging around there.
  • Glittering Grotto - On the lower section of the Grotto, in the open area just southwest of the Waystone south of where you fought the boss.

Once you've obliterated the four, return to the Ivory Tower and report to Caph. You'll now be charged with taking out three more, except this time, they're the stronger Magimech Masters. Leave the Ivory Tower, then make your way to Nazcaä. Save before each fight, then take out the three:

  • Located just south of Ara Memoriae.
  • Located to the far north of Ara Memoriae.
  • Located just west of the southeastern landing point on the island.

Once those three are taken out, return to the Ivory Tower one last time, but before you do anything, SAVE and RECOVER at the Waystone. When you're ready, talk to Caph, which will lead to a tough fight; this time, it's against one Manic Magimech and TWO Magimech Masters... AT ONCE! For this battle, you'll want to switch to Esther; use her to boost your party's defense and attack, then focus on healing, as the Magimechs will be dishing out damage quick enough to where you wouldn't want to trust Esther on her own.


Ni No Kuni Order of Illusion Errand 13405:13

Ni No Kuni Order of Illusion Errand 134

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