A sagely looking ghost has been waiting at the Ara Memoriae. It seems he has something important to say.


This errand is available to complete after completing the main story and all of Horace's Riddles.


In Ara Memoriae, go to the far north and talk to Horace; he has a long story to tell you about himself, Nazcaä, and Cassiopeia, but it will take place over several locations and with several riddles. Here are the locations and answers:

  • Ara Memoriae - To the far north. ("Mornstar")
  • Tombstone Trail - At the very end of the path to the far north. ("Aapep")
  • The Vault of Tears - The room where you fought the boss to the northwest. ("Pea")
  • The Glittering Grotto - To the north on the top section. ("Bring Hope")
  • The Ivory Tower - At the very end of the tower, before the final boss. ("Wizard's Companion")

Once you've completed all of this and have your new formulae, be sure to create the Sky Tree Wand for Oliver!


Ni No Kuni Great Great Grandsage Errand 13603:32

Ni No Kuni Great Great Grandsage Errand 136

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