Spell Information
Rune Number 46
Japanese Name イーゼラー
Romaji Iizeraa
Spell Type Battle
Element Dark
Effect Shape -
MP Cost 45 MP
Evenstar is the most powerful of all dark magic spells, and its rune could only ever be drawn by the most powerful wizards. Channeling the energies of the void, it draws its victims into a grotesque world of pain and fear. There are countless tales of wizard losing their lives attempting to master this spell - a just desert for coveting a weapon of such cruelty.

Wizard's Companion

Evenstar (イーゼラー Iizeraa) is a battle spell that deals strong dark damage to all targets.

Shadar is the first to use this spell in his battle against Oliver.

Spell Effects

When casted, a purple portal opens under the target's party and a roiling purple orb emerges. Cracks appear as it expands that are filled with purple tinged white light. It then explodes and deals massive damage.


  • The pages of Evenstar and Astra are different; their colors are inverted.

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