Gems allow a player to teach tricks to a familiar earlier than normal or a trick that the familiar may never have the chance to learn. Gems may only be found through exploration and cannot be crafted or bought. There are 7 types of gems: Fire, Water, Storm, Light, Dark, Physical and Neutral.

Name Type Sell Teaches Available

Fling Flame Gem

Fire 200g Fling Flame Treasure chest at Castaway Cove, Steal from Impaler

Firewall Gem

Fire 600g Firewall Drop by Spitooligan, Steal from Turban Myth, Hidden treasure at The Genie's Steps, Bounty Hunt 099

Spire of Fire Gem

Fire 1,500g Spire of Fire Treasure chest at Old Smoky, Steal from Wayward Sun

Heat Ray Gem

Fire 2,000g Heat Ray Steal from Scruffian, Bounty Hunt 109

Water Bomb Gem

Water 200g Water Bomb Treasure chest at Ding Dong Well, Teeheeti, Steal from Tadolescent

Bubble Bath Gem

Water 1,500g Bubble Bath Steal from Sweetpea Sprite, Bounty Hunt 107

Snowball Gem

Water 1,000g Snowball Treasure chest at The Glittering Grotto, Steal from Ice Maiden, Bounty Hunt 106

Snowblower Gem

Water 1,000g Snowblower Treasure chest at Winter Wonderlands, Steal from Turban Legend, Drop by Tokotocold, Bounty Hunt 106

Thunderspark Gem

Storm 400g Thunderspark Hidden treasure at The Barrens, Steal from Beachhead, Bounty Hunt 096

Thunderstorm Gem

Storm 800g Thunderstorm Hidden treasure at Solitary Isle, Steal from Clinketyclank LX, Drop by Deecee

Whirligig Gem

Storm 1,000g Whirligig Hidden treasure at Winter Wonderlands, Steal from Thunderbryde, Errand 058

Whirly Whirlies Gem

Storm 1,500g Whirly Whirlies Steal from Hierophant, Errand 031

Healing Tear Gem

Light 600g Healing Tear Treasure chest at Hermitage, Drop by Lotus Bubbud, Steal from Sea Naiad

Healing Rain Gem

Light 1,500g Healing Rain Drop by Tropical Bubbud, Steal from Auroralynx, Errand 040

Purifying Pulse Gem

Light 400g Purifying Pulse Treasure chest at Ghostly Gorge, Steal from Seed Sprite, Errand 054

Light Relief Gem

Light 2,000g Light Relief Steal from Hymnpaler, Bounty Hunt 114

Darkness Beckons Gem

Dark 2,000g Darkness Beckons Steal from Eggyptian, Bounty Hunt 110

Dark Cloud Gem

Dark 800g Dark Cloud Treasure chest at The Tombstone Trail, Drop by Whackrabbot, Steal from Ghost Wisperer, Hidden treasure at Winter Wonderlands

Drowsy Drops Gem

Dark 400g Drowsy Drops Steal from Grumpeafowl, Hidden treasure at Bungler's Bay, Errand 012

Leech Gem

Dark 1,500g Leech Steal from Neolith, Errand 064

Roly-Poly Gem

Physical 800g Roly-Poly Steal from Snaptrap, Treasure chest at Winter Wonderlands

Pebble Pelt Gem

Physical 200g Pebble Pelt Steal from Mite, Treasure chest at Rolling Hills

Earsplitter Gem

Physical 2,000g Earsplitter Drop from Demoliceros, Steal from Full Boar, Bounty Hunt 112

Poison Pinch Gem

Physical 2,000g Poison Pinch Treasure chest at The Fairyground, Steal from Soldier Bumbler, Bounty Hunt 093

Blunt Gem

Neutral 600g Blunt Treasure chest at Yule, Steal from Big Bopper, Slamander, Errand 016

Slow Poke Gem

Neutral 400g Slow Poke Treasure chest at Turtle Crag, Steal from Springray, Hidden treasure at Russet Isle

Soulshield Gem

Neutral 1,000g Soulshield Treasure chest at Turtle CragYule, Steal from Tropical Bubbud

Hocus Focus Gem

Neutral 1,500g Hocus Focus Treasure chest at Golden Grove, Steal from Firefry

Rise and Shine Gem

Neutral 600g Rise and Shine Steal from Lesser Spotted Naiad, Hidden treasure at Hermitage, Errand 018

Tricksy Nixy Gem

Neutral 800g Tricksy Nixy Treasure chest at Hamelin, Steal from Web Master

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