155 grand-daddy
Number Recruitment Percentage
155 0%
Morph Lvl Max Lvl Growth Rate
0 70 Early
Stamina Stamina Recovery
40 2.1
Movement Speed Attack Speed
4 4
Max Atk Max Def Max Mag. Atk
238 306 259
Max Mag. Def Max Eva Max Accuracy
261 253 154
Damage taken versus:
Physical Water Light
100% 150% 100%
Fire Storm Dark
100% 50% 100%


Creature Compendium:

"This old fellow has a pensive personality and always weighs up all the options before acting."

Wizard's Companion:

"The trademark "pipe" in the mouth of these mechanical creatures is actually an exhaust port through which they release the gases produced by theit inner workings."


Genus: Automata
Equipment Type: Axes and Hammers, Clothes, Fangs
Gem Type: Light,Physical,Neutral
Miracle Move: Conflagration
Command: Psyche Up

Status effect modifiers:
Vulnerable to: Stun,Nix
Highly vulnerable to: None
Resistances: Sleep,Confusion,Poison
Immunities: None

Compatibility: Swaine
Tamable: No
Metamorph from: Big Daddy
Metamorphoses: None, None
Common Celestial Signs: Star
Location found: None


Level Trick Effect
1 Yoo-Hoo Support
7 Thunderstorm Storm
17 Smoke Bomb Support
27 Crosswind Storm
36 Mighty Light Light
49 Wind Tunnel Storm

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