Ice Maiden
253 ice maiden
Number Recruitment Percentage
253 8%
Morph Lvl Max Lvl Growth Rate
16 26 Early
Stamina Stamina Recovery
35 1.45
Movement Speed Attack Speed
2 3
Max Atk Max Def Max Mag. Atk
74 91 112
Max Mag. Def Max Eva Max Accuracy
124 58 62
Damage taken versus:
Physical Water Light
100% 50% 100%
Fire Storm Dark
150% 100% 100%

Ice Maiden
253 ice maiden
HP EXP Guilders
315 84 161
Normal: Snow Radish (10%)
Rare: Blizzard Bloom (4%)
Normal: Snow Radish (25%)
Rare: Snowball Gem (5%)
Attack Magic Attack Evasion
117 135 86
Defense Magic Defense Accuracy
133 108 122


Creature Compendium:

"This creature wanders far-flung frozen climes, wearing a mirror robe that is said to reflect a vision of one's worst enemy."

Wizard's Companion:

"Ice maidens are generally found wandering aimlessly around snowy plains. The minors which adorn their robes are said to show the face of the person one most detests, though this is almost certainly hearsay."


Genus: Daemonia
Equipment Type: Blades, Armor, Scales
Gem Type: Water,Light,Dark,Neutral
Miracle Move: Glacial Rain
Command: Defend

Status effect modifiers:
Vulnerable to: Petrification,Confusion
Highly vulnerable to: None
Resistances: Unconciousness,Curse
Immunities: None

Compatibility: Marcassin
Tamable: Yes
Metamorph from: None
Metamorphoses: Ice Queen (level 16)]], [[{{{f_metamorph_b}}}]]
Common Celestial Signs: Twin Moon
Location found: Winter Wonderlands-N

Slot Unlock

1. When an ice maiden reaches level 12.
2. When it metamorphoses into an eldritch empress or a sinister sovereign.
3. When its familiarity becomes 3.


Level Trick Effect
1 Snowball Water
6 Evil Embrace Support
13 Dark Cloud Dark

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