King Tom Tildrum XIV
Nyandal Screen
Character Information
Aliases His Meowjesty
Japanese Name ニャンダール
Romaji Nyandal
Gender Male
Species Grimalkin
Occupation King of Ding Dong Dell
World of Origin Ni No Kuni
English voice actor Lewis Macleod
Soulmate Timmy Toldrum
Descendant King Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum

King Tom Tildrum XIV (ニャンダール Nyandal / 国王様 kokuou-sama) is the King of Ding Dong Dell. He appears as a large, anthropomorphic cat and is the Other World soulmate of Timmy Toldrum, Ms. Leila's cat in Motorville. He is also the ancestor of Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum, the main protagonist of Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom.

When Oliver first visits Ding Dong Dell, the king had his heart broken by Shadar and gave him a lack of enthusiasm, making him lounge around as the Dell endures a recent mice problem. Oliver would later cure him using enthusiasm taken from a boy named Tommy Stout (ミルコ Miruko).

He soon chased down his nemesis, King Hickory Dock of the Mice, who lives in Ding Dong Dell's sewer system, Ding Dong Well, and was the cause of the mice infestation. After Oliver saves him from this encounter, the King gives him his old wand (まどうしのつえ sorcerer's wand/cane) and gives you the "Ice" rune-page of your spellbook.

King Tom XIV/Nyandal is the first Other World monarch that Oliver meets on his journey (and likewise, is the first monarch cured of the manna infection).


King Tom XIV/Nyandal has a favorite pet red herring, which is strange considering he is a cat. He puts a high value on good grooming and is a talented woodworker. Although he prides himself in whatever he does, he is willing to give credit where credit is due, as when Oliver cures his brokenheartedness.


  • The idea of a feline ruler may be a reference to Ghibli's The Cat Returns, which featured a society of cats led by a king.
  • King Tom XIV/Nyandal speaks in a third-person, referring to himself as "one" in the English game and "ミー me (in English)" in the Japanese game.
  • Tom Tildrum is actually a reference to an old English fairytale titled "The King O' the Cats." Tom Tildrum was, infact, their king in the story.